Monday Must: Podcasts

Image via  Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

A few years ago when Serial first came out I didn't get the hype of podcasts. Everyone I knew was going on and on about this podcast, honestly giving me fomo, so I decided to give it a chance. Three days later I had completed the first season of Serial and was suddenly addicted to listening to podcasts. Something I thought was outdated and designed to put me to sleep, was actually the opposite. I'm often listening to podcasts while I work and definitely while I run - for those who hate running this is an easy technique to keep your mind busy while your body is moving, stopping you from thinking about how long you've been running/how much farther you have to go. 

Over the past few years I've listened to many podcasts and even though I have done a Monday Must of podcasts before - but it's too good to not update. So here are a few of my go-to podcasts that I highly recommend to put on this week! 

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