Treasure Hunt Recap

Every few months we have team meetings that consist of creative dreaming and this year we brought life to our very first Treasure Hunt. This was an idea shaped over and over, refined and polished and physically made by our team. The result was a faux bathroom outfitted with a tampon dispenser filled with MARY YOUNG product, gift cards and discounts all to be claimed for a single dollar.


To make the experience that much more exciting we hosted the Treasure Hunt on Instagram where we teased clues of the location and details the week leading up to the event. This was a great way to engage our so present and loving community and reach those not as familiar with the brand. For us, we’ve always loved the ability to engage and communicate with our community on Instagram and knew this would be the best way to get everyone excited for the two days. We chose two locations that exemplify community and have supported our brand; Tokyo Smoke on Adelaide and Cops Doughnuts. Both locations were such great supporters and excited to have us - if you haven’t been to either, I highly recommend making a trip to both!


Since day one of launching MARY YOUNG I looked to the community for support, feedback and love to keep moving forward. Being an independent entrepreneur can be a very steep uphill battle and the days I’ve questioned what I’m doing, I’ve always been reassured by the community that what I’m doing matters and the brand and mission are needed in this ever changing retail landscape. For me the community is my fuel to keep going and I wanted to express that through something fun. With so many big brands hosting experiential events with much larger budgets than I could ever imagine, I knew we had to be creative. And more than being creative I wanted to tie it back to the core values of MARY YOUNG - challenging the narrative from what we’ve all been told to believe. Most women will agree that buying a tampon or pad out of a dispenser in a public bathroom is one of the last things they want to do or be seen doing, mostly because we’ve been told our periods are something to hide and be ashamed of. To challenge that narrative I decided to make using a tampon dispenser something exciting, fun and rewarding - something to be done in public and proudly done! The concept of buying tampons or pads needs to be reworked into empowering women - something we can all stand behind and not feel shameful for.

My amazing team hopped right onto this concept and brought it to life without a question. When I say they’re amazing, that is truly an understatement. During one of the hottest days of the summer we built our faux bathroom, consisting of adhering custom wallpaper from Candice Kaye Designs, securing tiles, screwing up the heavier than expected tampon dispenser and finishing it off with a #mymaryyoung decal mirror. You’ll also catch the footage of our small but mighty team moving our bathroom wall around the city - we all got in our workouts that week!


I want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who came out to support and experience something very close to my heart. Thank you to everyone who helped us make this happen, from those who listened to me ramble about the idea for weeks to the companies that allowed to install a bathroom in front of their business. And to those who stood in line on super hot days excited to be there and even more so, share online - you are why I do what I do, so thank you for being you. I wish we could have every single follower and supporter come out to the Treasure Hunt and win something but we will continue to brainstorm more experiences that hopefully everyone will get to see in real life!