Looking Back

With nearly a week into 2018 I've had some time to reminisce on everything that happened in 2017 and give some thought into what I want this year to look like. This past year brought so much personal and professional growth, leaving me feeling thankful for both the highs and lows. I can truly say that growing pains are real, but with all the pain and pressure, good things will come. 

In 2017 I finally found some balance, something I've been striving to achieve for quite some time. While balance isn't a part of my everyday, it is more evident in my personal life, my relationships and my overall happiness. This past year I went on my first vacation to Hawaii with some close friends where I had such a relaxing and adventurous time. I loved vacation so much that I bought a last minute trip to Bahamas for a girls vacation and had the time of my life, again. 


Aside from balance I gave myself time and space to open up more, both with those in my life and also here online. I wrote a very personal piece for easy. sharing my experience living with endometriosis. I also wanted to give space to open the conversation around self love and we as a brand launched the Self Love Club movement kicking it off with a series of videos showcasing some amazing and beautiful women. Being a part of such honest and real conversations is real motivation to keep doing what I'm doing, and seeing how women are starting to support each other more really gives me excitement for what we as a society can accomplish together. 

Looking at everything that 2017 had to offer I'm beyond excited for 2018 and what it will bring. Resolutions are often seen in a negative light, like something that we make in order to fix things we did last year or remind ourselves of things we didn't accomplish. To me resolutions help me stay inspired and motivated to widen my experiences and mindset. These resolutions are designed for me to pursue more living, more joy and adventure. So here we go. 

  1. Continue saying yes more. Last year I really focused on saying yes without overthinking or questioning. Life will present so many opportunities and if you're not willing to say yes, you'll miss out on so much. So this year, with saying yes more I hope to experience so much more of what life has to offer. 
  2. Continue to make balance a priority. That means embracing slow seasons of work and focusing more on personal relationships. Also knowing that my work won't be perfect and being okay with that.
  3. Share and open up more. Both in a personal and professional way. Many people have made comments that I seem reserved or closed off, which isn't necessarily the case but I do know it takes me time to feel comfortable enough to share. With that said I want to push myself a little more to share my feelings, both good and bad, and in all areas of my life. Part of making a space for real conversation is opening that up by expressing myself and what I'm going through. 
  4. Spend more time with family. Over the past three years of having my business I've put work first, a lot. And now I want to change that. Not only by finding balance with friends and a social life here but also making time to see my family who aren't physical that close to me. I have three amazing nephew's and a niece who I rarely see since they live on the east coast. This summer I want to make a trip out to see them and spend some quality time with each of them. This year my mom is getting married which is such an exciting thing and I want to make sure I'm there for more than just the day but also for the beginning of this new chapter for her. Family has always been important to me and I want to get back to making them a priority in my life no matter how hectic work gets. 

Looking back on the last year I feel so insanely blessed for so much. The people who've come into my life, along with those who've been a part of my life continue to fill me with love and excitement for the future. Running my first half marathon in under 2 hours was an accomplishment I never imagined I'd actually be able to achieve. Heading to LA with Nike to partake in ComplexCon was an experience I'll never forget. Seeing my mom find love for the second time and get engaged has warmed my heart more than I can ever express. I've continued to feel a part of a community with everyone who frequents Tokyo Smoke. My relationships and support from my C3 family has grown stronger than ever.


To everyone who I've met this year, you have made such an impact on me, way more than you'd imagine. To everyone who has continued to support the brand and our events, my heart is overflowing with your kindness and love. To everyone who has challenged me to grow personally and professionally, I can't thank you enough for helping me grow into the person I am. To everyone who is reading this, thank you for taking the time and I cannot wait to share 2018 with all of you!

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