Love Is Love


When I think about Valentine's Day I think about love, not chocolate or roses, but love in all forms. The unfortunate thing is, society has centred Valentine's Day around celebrating hetereonormative relationships which results in those not in romantic relationships to feel less and lonely for no good reason. 

I strongly remember Valentine's Day in elementary school when every kid in the class would write a Valentine for each other, and everyone was included and felt loved. Which is what I want to go back to. Whether you're in a relationship or not, married or single, you still have love and that love should be celebrated. 


This year we decided to showcase love in all forms alongside our online exclusive sets designed for Valentine's Day. Meet the Adria and Caden set, both designed for ultimate comfort so you can enjoy love and those you love however you choose. 

To further encourage celebrating all forms of love, we shot just a few different forms of love that inspire us to remind those in our lives how much we love them. 


Best friends and sisters, Erin and Samara, spend more nights than not eating fries and burgers while binging Netflix. To them, love is spending time with family, and eating McDonalds. 


Steph and Alicia have found love within one another for over seven years and make an effort to grow their relationship no matter what life throws at them. After spending time with them, their love was radiating and truly something to be celebrated. 


Meeting on the dance floor at a Toronto bar over five years ago, Ellie and Jarel have grown their love and bond like no other. Full of laughter, joy and support, these two always have each other's backs. 

So this Valentine's Day, we challenge you to look at all the love you have in your life, not just the romantic love. We are all so blessed to share and grow in relationships, that we should celebrate them all and be so thankful for variety of love rather than look at what we don't have. 

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Photography: Jackie Beale