Montreal Pop-up Recap

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This past week we took our first road trip to Montreal to host a pop-up featuring not only our brand, but a handful of other great brands! I've been to Montreal before since our production house is located there, but we've never ventured to host a pop-up! Cue myself plus four amazing women and the Ford Explorer for a long weekend of work - and fun. 

We were able to find a great space using thisopenspace for the pop-up located right on Saint Laurent Blvd, the perfect shopping area with lots of foot traffic and great coffee shops nearby. The coffee shops definitely came in handy, our favourite was Dispatch Coffee, their almond/cashew blend milk was amazing in a latte!

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One of the most entertaining parts of this adventure was the 5+ hour long drive to and from Montreal. And the packing that came along with that! Along with our brand we also brought seven other amazing Canadian brands to join the pop-up. So we had to pack fixtures and inventory for ourselves as well as Felony Case, High Noon, Quinsco, Sonya LeeLeia Bryans, F. Miller, Easy and Eliza Faulkner. The Explorer was the perfect size for all of us, plus all of our inventory - can you say efficient? We ditched the third row seating for more storage space with the touch of a button - no lie. The Explorer features Third Row PowerFolding seats, which means no searching for that magical handle or manual lifting. Not only did it fit us comfortably, it handles like a gem. For those who know me well, know how much I love driving. I started driving four wheelers and skidoos at a young age, so being behind the wheel, has always been one of my favourite feelings.

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Maneuvering the Explorer through Montreal was beyond easy, especially with all the construction, we glided through the streets without a concern. Parking in Montreal is one of my least favourite things, especially parallel parking, but with Ford's new Active Park Assist, I didn't even break a sweat. Literally with the click of a button the Explorer determines parking spots, both parallel and perpendicular, and with another touch, it automatically parks smoothly into the spot. 

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The drive proved to be longer than 5 hours on the way there with lots of traffic and construction, but thankfully Justin Bieber dropped his new song, Friends, just in time for us to play it on repeat and sing out hearts out.

Once we arrived to Montreal, work began. We set up most of the pop-up the evening before, organizing displays and placing window decals. The space was bigger, and better than expected, which was a lovely surprise! 

The calm before the storm - placing decals and posters for the opening day.

The calm before the storm - placing decals and posters for the opening day.

The three days of the pop-up were a blur, so many great people coming in, both knowing the brands and meeting us for the first time. One of our favourite aspects of having a pop-up is meeting our community in real life! Since so much of our community is online and we interact through social media - which we love - it's rare to have those face to face conversations. Seeing the support from a new city was also super overwhelming and so heart warming. I can't thank everyone enough who came to support, say hi and dance to Friends with us! 


Outside of the pop-up hours we did manage to take in a lot of food and drinks! It was also Pride in Montreal so we were able to explore the parade route and all the fun festivities going on. I highly recommend Mais for tacos and margaritas, Brooklyn for a slow morning coffee and SuWu for a delicious brunch, and maybe Mimosas by the pitcher! For light snacks and yummy drinks Bar Henrietta is a must! Aside from all the great places to eat, drink and explore, the murals and homes were so delightful to explore and take in!

The streets were lined up rainbow decorations for Pride.

The streets were lined up rainbow decorations for Pride.


Overall, Montreal was an amazing experience with the community being so supportive and welcoming to us, to the delicious food and drinks, we were able to enjoy. If you have any favourite spots we missed, let us know, because we'll definitely be going back!