Monday Must: Summer Health

I always find in the summer that my healthy habits start to slide, maybe it's the patio drinks or the excitement of going to event after event. Either way, I've been noticing I need more nutrients, not just the vitamin d from the sun! Instead of one or two ways to get a little more energy, I decided to do a small roundup of my favourite easy things to add into your day to feel a bit more ready for the fast pace of summer! 

Start with a fresh juice to get those extra nutrients on the go. My favourite is ELXR juices from Toronto. They have so many different flavours and cocktails, try a few and find one that works for you. Another go-to is matcha which is full of antioxidants. To avoid the crash of caffeine try a matcha latte or iced matcha, a great brand is Matcha Ninja, they even have little packages to make it super simple while on the go. For making lunches add in a super healthy wrap like Live's Tumeric Wrap. This will not only boost your health but also the flavour of your lunch. When it comes to having a treat, I'm always craving something sweet, even though I recently cut out refined sugar. I found this great granola recipe that is still delicious if you cut out the added sugar, I do keep in the maple syrup because it's natural! Lastly, water, this is a given but often something I overlook throughout the day. Grab a big Flow Water to take throughout your day and fill it up to keep you going!