Meet Our Muse: Shereen

You're the founder and editor of Mother Muse magazine - not to mention the PR work you've done - along with being a mother and wife. Needless to say, you're balancing a lot, what is the most rewarding thing about having so many things on the go?

It's rewarding being able to do what you love - I think that truly is such a blessing not a lot of people experience. We live in a time where we need jobs to just survive and sometimes we have to work in environments that don't satisfy our creative edge so I feel very rewarded and blessed. I also feel having so many things on the go make for a full day of accomplishments. 

It isn't common for women to share all the physical changes that come with pregnancy, especially post-pregnancy changes. We find it so inspiring how much you're willing to share! As a former model from the age of 15 I can imagine you've been hyper-aware of your body, what was it like learning to accept and love the changes in your body during pregnancy and post birth? 

I think the Mother community is so powerful and beautiful - for woman who are struggling with changes and feel uncomfortable sharing them its nice for woman like myself and others to express you are not alone and I think that connects us all together. Being part of the modelling industry from a young age and doing my first photo shoot one month postpartum I felt very self cautious, especially during my last trimester when I was pregnant. But, I now look back at those emotions and feelings and congratulate myself for coming so far and I am so proud of myself for doing a cover shoot right after having a baby - I won't ever regret my vulnerability its made me a stronger woman. 


We're so smitten with little Adaline Rose, and we all know that children do the funniest things. What was something Adaline did that was so funny? What was one of the most proud moments you've had so far as a mother? 

She is a super funny girl - she literally makes me laugh everyday. The funniest thing she does is when she gets super excited she shakes her hands and she turns into this ball of giggles and energy - She also has the cutest and funniest laugh that I am pretty sure she gets from me. Adaline makes me proud everyday and its the little things like learning something new that I've been teaching her - also understanding what I am saying those are small victories that make me feel like I am doing a good job as a new mother. She also is so loving and kind and that makes me know she will be such a good person as she grows. 

How has motherhood changed you? 

In every way possible - you no longer are a girl you truly become a woman the second you become a Mother, it's this very weird feeling. 

Mother Muse is full of stunning imagery and amazing content, what inspired you to start Mother Muse magazine? 

I was inspired to start Mother Muse about four months after having my daughter - being part of the fashion and modelling industry there was no magazine on the market that fully focused on the Mother. I wanted motherhood celebrated for all its beauty with high quality content based around slow living - which focuses on the quality of less is more. Its filled with original content and its more like a coffee table book then a magazine - it truly is a piece of art. 

If you could tell other women or your daughter one thing in regards to self-love, what would it be? 

Life is short, stay healthy, stay happy, stay confident and really believe in yourself and your beauty will ooze through your ora and skin. 

Which of your physical attributes do you love the most? 

My lips.  

Shereen is wearing wearing the Grace Tee in grey and High Waist Thong in Black.

Photography: Berkley Vopnfojrd / @berkleyvopnfjord