Meet Our Muse: Sarah

You have a Youtube channel and a well-curated Instagram feed, what inspired you to build your own personal brand? How would you describe your brand? 

I don’t think it was ever something I really thought about doing; it almost just came about organically. Now that it has taken off, I would just describe my brand as me. I love having a niche space on the World Wide Web of being able to be myself and to contribute to a larger realm with millions of other amazing beings. I think that makes things far more relatable and that’s what I admire most about other content creators. I think sometimes things on the Internet are taken too seriously, and I aim to break that. What inspires me most now are my friends, music, art and travel. All the cliché things you would expect but whenever I see or hear or experience something that inspires me I think to myself “wow that’s really cool, how can I convey this to someone else from my perspective?”. That’s what usually spurs a post or Youtube video. I also go on road trips as often as I can, and those incorporate all the things that inspire me most. And my favorite part about road trips is that I always learn new things about myself, which is just as inspiring. My pursuit for those moments is what motivates me to continue in the Internet space.


You are working while being in school and, creating your own content. What is the trick to balancing everything? 

 Being organized! I’d love to say I’m amazing at time management, but I’m totally not. I write everything down in an agenda and stick to it. I also try to be fair to myself. I don’t push myself too hard and I always leave time for myself to just be commitment free. Meditation and yoga really help keep me grounded when I’m busy. I’ve learned the hard way that spreading yourself thin is not worth it, no matter what! Mental health is just as important as physical health.

Okay be honest... you have some killer photos and your outfits are amazing, but who's the one behind the lens? 

Thank you!! It honestly just depends on who I’m with for the day. I’ve thought about having consistency with who takes my photos but then I feel it would become too cookie-cutter. I love that everyone has a different eye and that every photo comes out differently. It keeps it more candid, and relaxed which I think better reflects my personality.

It's amazing that you share your life on social with others and give them the opportunity to interact with you, but with that comes its own set of challenges. How does social media affect you? What is the biggest challenge you've had to overcome with being open online? 

I think something I have to constantly remind people when they first learn of my relationship with social media is that it doesn’t define me. For me, social media is a great outlet but it’s also a construct. I try and be as genuine as I can, and I think that’s what people crave and that’s what I crave but there are aspects of social media that must be fabricated in order to achieve a certain feel or aesthetic. In that sense, I think people perceive me very one dimensionally and I have to work harder to show people that I’m more than just the person they see on my feed. I think the biggest challenge I’ve had to overcome has been proving my worth to people who have seen me online and then subsequently met me in person because they already have a perception of who they think I am. And secondly, the challenge of incorporating people in my personal life into the realm of social media. Not everyone wants to be featured in an Insta-story or Youtube video and I always have to be mindful of that. It is a huge invasion of privacy and maintaining that balance can be tough sometimes, but I try my best to do whatever feels right. If it doesn’t feel right, I don’t go there.



Fashion is an amazing way to express yourself, you're able to share a piece of your identity through it. What inspires your outfits? Do you find yourself changing your style often or are your more consistent with a uniform look?

I agree! Right now I’d say my biggest inspiration is other content creators, mainly on Instagram. There are so many cool babes out there with the best style, it's hard not to be inspired. I’d say my style has stayed pretty consistent, I love jeans and a good blouse and sneakers have always been my go-to. But I’m always trying to branch out more and try different looks. Someone who can rock a different, unique outfit and still look so effortless always inspires me.

Which of your physical attributes do you love the most?

I’d probably say my beauty marks.  I get a new one almost every day, and I love that.

Sarah wears the Logan Bra and Logan High Cut Bikini

Photography: Berkley Vopnfojrd / @berkleyvopnfjord