Monday Must: Healthy Habits


When it comes to healthy habits mine come and go, mostly depending on how busy I get. When I don't have time to prepare food or take care of myself, my good habits start to fade and get replaced with whatever salty snack I can find. This week I'm focusing on a few healthy habits, that are easy to implement and don't take a lot of preparation, aka they are something you can do too. 

1. Sparking Water > Pop

I used to love pop, drinking one or two a week and would often look past how many grams of sugar are in each can. Almost two years ago I decided to cut it out, and let me tell you it was hard, and still is. I decided to go cold turkey and the way I did that was by replacing any pop with sparkling water. Drinking something fizzy reminded me of pop and it was a great way to break the habit. Recently I got a SodaStream and it changed everything, not only is sparkling water literally at my finger tips, but I'm also saving a ton of money by not buying bottles of it. If going cold turkey isn't your thing, you can still make flavoured sparkling water, aka pop, with SodaStream. Also, try concentrate juice to add flavour to the sparkling water. Either way, this is a game changer and easily implemented. 

2. Breakfast

I've always been a huge breakfast person, I can barely make it through the first hour of the day without eating. So when it comes to breakfast, I like to try new ideas, whether it's eggs or eggos, I'll eat it. My latest go-to breakfast is oatmeal with apricots, almonds and cinnamon, not out of a package. Growing up I would always eat the pre-packaged and heavily flavoured oatmeal packs but again, they're very high in sugar. To improve this habit into a more healthy one, I buy oats in bulk and decide what added fruits and nuts I want. If this is a little too dull for you, try adding cinnamon on top and maybe a little bit of maple syrup. 

Image via  Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

3. Sleep Schedule

To reiterate what I shared in my previous sleep post, getting a good sleep can truly change how you see the world. For me getting a good sleep starts with a schedule, falling asleep and waking up around the same time. Obviously things come into play and some nights you're out later than others so it can be tricky to fall asleep at the same time. Making an effort to get regular hours of sleep will encourage your body to produce melatonin regularly, which helps you stay asleep the entire night and wake up feeling more refreshed. Another thing I've learnt about my body over time is I feel worse when I oversleep. So sometimes I want 8+ hours of sleep but I often feel terrible the day I get extra sleep. Try to find what works best for your body, some people feel best with only 6 hours of sleep while others need 7.5 hours. 

4. Stretching

This is something I am absolutely terrible at and am currently working on. I normally stretch after working out or when my body is feeling tight, but I never make it a habit. When it comes to stretching the more you do the better your body feels. Especially because we are constantly sitting and carrying stress, our muscles tighten as the day goes on. This week I'm making an effort to stretch for 5 minutes a day, either when I wake up or at the end of the day. By moving and releasing tension, I'm sure I'll be feeling better all day long and hopefully will have less stress build up in my shoulders. 

Image via  Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

5. Laughter

This may not fall into the category of a healthy habit, but for me, when I laugh everything is more enjoyable. So making laughter a part of my everyday helps me with having a positive outlook and overall, a better day. I often watch funny YouTube videos in the morning so I start my day laughing. Some of my favourites are Jimmy Fallon, Ellen Degeneres and Friends Bloopers.

So this week, I challenge you to try a few if not all of these healthy habits. They may not happen over night, which they definitely didn't for me, but once you build a routine you'll start to feel much better and ideally, much healthier!