Monday Must: Nails


One thing that's a big part of my beauty routine is having my nails done. I've always loved painting my nails and find I don't bite them (I know, terrible habit) as long as they're painted. I started doing gel, or shellac, almost two years ago and haven't looked back since. Not only have I been able to break my bad habit, I always feel put together when my nails are painted. I always visit Naked here in Toronto to get my nails done and up until a few months ago, I would stick with the same colour every single time. Before heading away to the Bahamas, my aesthetician Shayna, encouraged me to switch things up and I got a bold red - I was hooked. Now, I never repeat the same colour and am way more receptive to trying new colours. For example this beautiful green - not only is it seasonal, but the pop of colour adds to my often all black look. Whether you get your nails done professionally or at home, try out a new colour this week. I've gathered a few of my favourites below to add to your rotation. 

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