Meet Our Muses: Mallorie & Allison

Meet the Tam sisters;  Mallorie  left and  Allison  right. 

Meet the Tam sisters; Mallorie left and Allison right. 

You both share your style through social media, how would you describe your individual styles?

Mallorie - Honestly I don’t even know how to describe it, sometimes I’m really just all over the place. But it’s definitely simple and minimal for the most part – maybe like a feminine tomboy? I like wearing the usual boyfriend/mom jeans with a plain/graphic tee or throw on a hoodie of some sort, and I will 9/10 times choose sneakers over anything else. I mean I want to move on from dressing like a boy or in all black everything.. but it’s just too hard and I can’t help it! Recently I’ve liked to dress up more in a body suit or a dress or something but sometimes no matter how hard I try I still look the damn same and so normal…like how do some girls do it!?! I NEED TO KNOW.

Allison - I truly define myself as a boy 6 out of the 7 days of the week. All my friends know that I like wearing boy’s clothes and that’s because boy’s clothes are just better (in my opinion). I usually thrift all my men’s clothes and as always, the men’s section is 100 times better than the women’s. My style is usually mom jeans and an oversized sweater or t-shirt; the more oversized a top is, the better. The way I dress represents how I feel and I don’t remember the last time I actually dressed up *laughs* ..what does this mean about how I feel?!?! So I think I would define my style as a boy with a pinch of bummy *laughs* just joking; I think I try my best to dress it up if I could...


Okay, be honest… what have you stolen from each other’s closet? 

Mallorie -  Probably everything *laughing*. I will wear Allison’s new clothes before she does and she gets so mad but majority of the time my clothes end up in her closet and hers in mine - we basically share a closet. I’ve even “accidentally” taken some with me to London (sorry Allison) but she has the rest of my closet I left behind, and every time we FaceTime she’s wearing at least one thing of mine; so that makes us even. We’re the same size in literally everything, head to toe, so it only makes sense that we wear each other’s clothes....right?

Allison - *laughs* We basically have one closet …. just in two separate rooms. We probably have stolen every piece of clothing in each other’s closet and that’s not even an exaggeration. She used to get mad at me when I would take things without asking, but now she took things to another country without asking me *side eye*. I mean now that she’s in London and can afford more clothes than I can, it’ll be great when she’s back and I can “borrow” all of the things she got. This is what sisters are for, right?

You have modelled together and are friends, not just sisters, how would you describe your relationship with each other? 

Mallorie - It’s funny because we were never as close as we are now, I’m not really sure when or how it happened, but we’ve always had each other’s back since we were kids. Now we definitely talk a lot more and get along super well. We know how to make each other laugh, we turn to each other whenever we’re feeling sad/moody or uninspired, and we just understand each other without having to say much at all. You should see some of our texts to each other, I can just say whatever I want to her without being scared of what she’ll think of me, and sometimes I would say some of the stupidest things I would never say to anyone else. I trust her a lot and it’s so comforting to know that I have someone like her in my life (thanks mom and dad). I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her….Allison is literally my spirit animal.

Allison We have a very special relationship I would say. She is someone I would tell my true inner thoughts to and someone I would turn to for advice in times of need. We don’t have to talk every day or talk for long but when we do it’s either serious or pure jokes. Sometimes we can have 2 second conversations about which Instagram photo to upload or sometimes we have some weird conversations that no one else would understand. When we text we are almost always using caps lock. I would say we take our opinions very seriously. She knows exactly what I mean when I say things that even my parents don’t understand and we have the same exact sense of humor. I mean she’s alright….I guess.

You both open up your lives and thoughts online which is great to see honesty but along with that I'm sure comes challenges. Do you feel any pressure from society or the social world to have a certain relationship, as sisters and friends? What's a challenge you've had to overcome with being open online?

Mallorie - I think in terms of sharing our relationship online, we’re just ourselves and there is no pressure there because if anything, we’re probably even closer in reality. But other things like sharing our personal thoughts or personalities online does get a bit challenging. I appreciate honesty and genuineness a lot so I really try to stick to that. This is obviously easier said than done with so many personalities and different types of content we see being put out there. It kind of makes me question if I’m good enough or if my thoughts are important or authentic enough to make an impact. But I mean at the end of the day, you are who you are for a reason – so share that. The one thing I find challenging is what sort of direction to take when posting online. I’m a person who thinks A LOT, so I often ask questions like: Do I post things that I think people want to see or read? How personal should I get? How open should I be? How will people respond or react when I show this side of me? With that being said, it also gets hard when I try to give the audience online a wholesome picture of me no matter how honest or genuine I want to be. You can only go so far and see so much about a person digitally but it will never be 100% perfectly representative of who they are in real life. So if I had to wrap it up and give you a shorter answer, it would be that being completely genuine online is challenging, but it’s something I look for and am working towards. 

Allison - I think for both me and Mal, we don’t think too much about having a certain relationship with each other. Being able to show our love for one another is important to us because family is everything. So we aren’t afraid to show that we care for one another or afraid to act a certain way with each other; we’re just ‘us’. With being open online, it is quite hard. I’m not a very open person in general unless I’m with people super close to me, but social media has helped a lot as an outlet. One thing that often crosses my mind is whether or not things I post or put out there makes a difference. I have this constant battle between my thoughts on worrying too much about whether I make a difference and questioning why I should even worry about what other people might think because I should be able to do and post whatever I want. I mean I can’t stop people from thinking however they want to think of me or about what I do online but as long as I am true to myself then I should have nothing to fear. But that’s where it also gets challenging. I have difficulty with knowing how professional or personal I should be with the things I put out there. A lot of people use the Internet and social media such as Instagram as a portfolio and a space to show their profession, but I use my posts as a way to show myself while attempting to be as professional as I can be or need to be. I think something I am still trying to overcome is fully committing to opening myself up to the social world without worrying about what others will think of me.

What do you do to feel confident in yourself and to be photographed? Any advice for people who aren’t there yet?

Mallorie - Be unapologetically yourself. Sometimes I feel like people forget that we are all born a certain way for a reason, and there are some things we just can’t change. We see other girls and wish we could attribute some of their beauty to ourselves, and while there is nothing wrong with that (because I certainly do that a lot), we should be spending more of our time learning to appreciate what we have. I believe there is beauty in everyone, for some it’s just easier to spot than others, and sometimes it doesn’t even necessarily mean physical beauty. When Allison and I first started doing shoots with other people, we had no idea what we were doing, we were super awkward, but we just thought it was fun. Over time with more and more shoots or even just taking pictures of ourselves, we’ve gotten a lot more comfortable being in front of a camera and seeing ourselves on screen…and still having fun with it. It’s important to realize that a lot of the confidence comes from within, appreciating yourself first and understanding that no one else can be you, which gives you more than enough reason to be confident in yourself to be photographed or anything you want.

Allison - Our first "official" photoshoot was with one of our friends that’s aspiring to become a photographer and we were all so shy and had no idea what to do. As we kept doing more shoots, we started to learn what to focus on when being photographed. It could be your facial expression or how you position your body, it really takes practice to be comfortable in front of the camera and knowing how to make yourself look and feel good in photos. Watching people being photographed made me understand more as to what is expected from me when I am in front of the camera. I think taking as many opportunities as you can is important because you never know what it will bring you. But start off small, take photos with people you are comfortable with and then branch out. Other than that I would say that being yourself is the greatest confidence you need because it is natural and it keeps you away from trying too hard to play a part you don’t want. Confidence is definitely not my strongest attribute but I mean looking back at the beginning of 2016, there was no way I was close to being as confident as I am now. Stay away from comparing yourself to others because it does more harm than good. One thing to remember is that we all have insecurities and these insecurities take up your energy as it becomes hard to do anything else when it’s all you think about. So try not to think about them, focus and love what you have and people will see that and also love you for it. Finally, another thing to be confident in front of the camera is to enjoy being in front of one. Being photographed is not for everyone so it does help if you do enjoy being in front of the lens. All in all, just be yourself and create a relationship with the person taking your photo. It’ll be awkward at first but we have all been through the awkward stage of being photographed, just be yourself and you’ll be fine!

Which of your physical attributes do you love the most? 

Mallorie - Mmm probably my dimples and collar bones because they stand out to me the most. Ultimately the goal is to love everything about myself, inside and out!

AllisonThis has to be the hardest question to answer *laughs*. But first thing that popped into my head was my earlobes and cupid’s bow. These are probably the smallest attributes that no one would notice but that is why I like them. I would like to thank my dad for my earlobes. My mom told me that one of the things she loves about my dad is his earlobes and I find that really cute. My cupid’s bow has this dimple (philtrum) that reminds me of a bunny’s nose for some reason and my bunny brings me so much happiness.  

Mallorie wears the Logan Bra in grey and Allison wears the Contrast Bra in Black.

Photography: Rachelle Tavas - @rchltvs

Shot at Baddies in Toronto, ON.