Looking Back

Best candid photo award goes to  Setti

Best candid photo award goes to Setti

2016 was quite the year. For most it was not a positive year and as much as lots of negative, uneasy things took place, this past year was one of growth resulting in positivity for me. I turned 25 which I was made to believe was a huge thing, though to me it wasn't. The choices I made, to focus on my dreams, grow in relationships and find a balance, was much bigger than the change of my age.

For those who know me well, know how hard I am on myself. I set goals that push me to my limits, I expect the most and more from everything I do and I aim to do it all with a smile. This past year I've been working on changing that. Accepting my flaws, allowing myself rest and to open up that it isn't easy and hard work doesn't always wear a smile. 

For everyone who has been a part of my year, that's from family, friends, social media followers and consumers, you all have a place in my heart when I think about how blessed I am. I know this past year offered so much growth and I can confidently say that I wouldn't be here without each and everyone of you. So thank you. 

Now to the nitty gritty, those dreaded resolutions. As I always say, resolutions aren't my favourite as we tend to look at things we are doing wrong or expectations we aren't living up to. To challenge that I think of resolutions as what I can get out of this year, in what ways I can live more. So here we go. 

  1. Say yes to more. Rather than thinking rationally and over planning to see if it's possible, I want to say yes and sort out the plans after. I started this a little last year and said yes to a trip with four of my friends to Hawaii. Definitely a good start!
  2. Find more balance. Not just work/life balance but also in how I spend my free time. I love seeing my friends but can often end up stretching myself thin and not leaving much time for myself. 
  3. Give back more. Not only financially but also with my time, helping those in my city and also others chasing their dreams. I've really enjoyed sharing any knowledge and experience I have with other entrepreneurs and creatives, so this year will be more of that. If that's you, stay tuned for more talks and sessions coming ahead this year!
  4. Run a half marathon. This is something I've wanted to do for a while but was always a little afraid of. By telling my friends and putting it in writing holds me accountable and is already giving me motivation to start training.

Looking back on 2016 I feel so blessed to have met so many people that I look forward to grow with this year and I accomplished some of my resolutions from last year! I got to know my community better with the regulars at Tokyo Smoke - not to mention the whole team there has made me feel so valued and integral to the community. I was welcomed with arms wide open and found a new home in C3 and was more inspired and motivated than I ever imagined by the whole FM Founders crew. To everyone I met this year, whether for a brief moment or hours on end, and to existing friends, thank you for making 2016 a highlight in my life both personally and professionally. I can't wait to see what 2017 has in store and most importantly, can't wait to share the journey with all of you!