Nike Flyknit Air Max 1 Colour Story

Most of you know that I don't wear much colour but when it comes to these Nike Air Max 1's, I'll make an exception. I've spent the past few months searching for the perfect 'summer shoe', something that's lightweight, comfortable and of course, visually appealing. I came close to buying a few pairs but nothing felt just right. When I got these bad boys from Nike, it was meant to be! I am a huge fan of Air Max's, not only is the design classic but the thick sole makes me almost average height. The Flyknit upper makes them the perfect lightweight shoe for walking all over the city and exploring. I love them so much, especially the OG colour way, that I've been inspired to add some colour to my life. Here are few great things that embody these Flyknit Air Max 1's that you can easily add into your life for that extra pop of colour! Also, go ahead and get yourself a pair, I promise you won't regret it! 

Flyknit Air Max 1 - Nike, Lipstick - Sephora, Nail Polish - Essie, Jacket - Zara, Shorts - MARY YOUNG, Backpack - Matt & Nat, Phone Case - ASOS

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