Doors Open - Hazlewood Company

Where are you located?

We are located in the heritage community, Riversdale in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

What are some great brands you carry?

We love to carry brands that are local from Saskatchewan or Canadian made. We carry Northlore (Saskatoon) and Harlow (Vancouver) body products, Shoes and leather goods from Last Shoes (Saskatoon), Ceramics from Small Shapes Pottery (Saskatoon) and Hunt of Hounds Jewelry (Saskatoon/Bali)! 

What’s the best place to grab coffee in your neighbourhood?

The best place to grab a coffee would probably be Collective Coffee town the street. Great Coffee and the owner and staff are super friendly. 

What about a drink?

The Hollows has great cocktails. You can get a classic cocktail or order a seasonal cocktail with wild local ingredients like rhubarb margarita or wild mustard gimlet. They also have a great beer & wine menu too! 

What song has been on repeat on the store playlist?

It's a rotating playlist of oldies and R&B. We've been playing a lot of Chance the Rapper & Majiid Jordan and then some days it's Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra on Repeat.

Who is your dream customer?

Our dream customer would be anyone excited about fashion & vintage clothing, local craftsmanship and artists in the city! 

Mary Young