Meet Our Muse: Danijela

What are you most passionate about?

I'm currently studying for my Bachelors of Design in Fashion Communications, which is a more concise way of saying anything and everything from graphic design to journalism to advertising: basically a huge Chanel umbrella  of things. But I wouldn't say I have a passion for fashion *cringes* I am in love with self expression and for me fashion is one of the best ways I know to communicate the chaotic weirdness happening in my head outwards. I don't have a favourite aspect of the industry yet, but I'm extremely curious about creative directing, public relations, and journalism. As for my personal passion? I love to write poems and short stories: for me words are puzzle pieces waiting to be put together. You can find me at your local cliche hipster cafe with inky hands and my nose in a thesaurus. 

What do you do to inspire yourself creatively when you are stuck?

Run to my iTunes and put on whatever female artist I relate with artistically: Banks, Sevdaliza, Alina Baraz, M.I.A and anyone with an eerie voice and wicked lyrics. Then I'll drop whatever requirements were set up, stop getting caught up in the details and just brainstorm until I figure it out. Usually that entails surfing tumble for inspo and putting together lots of mood boards, which I'm obsessed with! Or I'll work on something else and I'll discover new ideas that way. Sometimes it ends with me juggling lots of things at once but if that's what I have to do to keep myself excited I'm all for it. 

What is your next dream project?

Right now I'd love to work on anything focused on exploring gender neutrality and anti-aesthetic in fashion, whether that be by creative collaborations with brands like Vetements, Telfar or 69 through photography, an interview series culminating in a story or even something ongoing like a personal website. I want to be able to say I made a dent in changing how the industry views and objectifies men and women respectively. I'd want to challenge beauty and encourage critical thinking through my work. I'd definitely see myself as a sick TedTalk speaker, maybe the host of a mini series on current innovations in fashion exploring gender and tech across the globe. That'd be cool.

Last thing you crossed off your bucket list?

I don't know that I have a bucket list to be honest! I kind of just take things day by day and tackle whatever opportunities or adventures come my way. I recently helped finish shooting promos for a fashion show at Ryerson happening in the Fall semester called Intro to Fashion. It's basically a chance for all the newbies to showcase their first dress designs: it's small compared to Mass Exodus but we're really trying to make it amazing and expand our reach this year. I'm head of PR + Marketing for it and it's been great so far! I love being able to work with and meet some really amazing people in and outside of my program. 

Scrolling through your Instagram, there are about 5 different hairstyles, what prompts the desire to change up your look?

It started off as a way to make intentional statements on defying the expected but now it's grown to become an intrinsic and an integral part of who I am. I vehemently welcome positive change and experiencing new things, so the smallest thing like shaving my head bald gives me an easy adrenaline rush. I absolutely don't have the same attachment to my hair that a lot of women and even men have. My philosophy is my hair doesn't define me, I define my hair; so regardless of if I have the same cut as your little brother, or some chick with extensions on the cover of Cosmo I am who I am and that doesn't change. 

Any favourite colour or cut?

My favourite cut is definitely the Miley inspired undercut that I've recently revived. I first got the cut in high school. It felt really empowering for me to rebel against socially constructed ideals of feminine beauty: it's always been a rule of mine to be my own person. Since then I've become continuously more daring and I owe that to the first style that made me cut long hair out of the picture...literally. So it's a symbolic personal connection to the style over the aesthetics of it that attracts me to it. As for colour, the tingling of freshly applied bleach makes my heart melt! But, the upkeep and damage of being a peroxide blonde isn't so fun. So I'd have to say my natural dark brown hair is my classic go to. Although that's not to say I won't be dabbling in pastels and summery shades in the near future again! 


Which of your physical attributes do you love the most?

Can I say my face, is that a thing?! Being of a mixed background I ended up with an odd compilation of angular features. I used to hate it as a kid: kids are stupid and I'd get picked on a lot for like how prominent my super Slavic nose was and what not. But now I take is as a compliment if someone says I look interesting or different. 


Photography: Tyler Hayward

Bra: Contrast Bra

Underwear: Mesh Panel Bikini