Doors Open: General 54

Where are you located?

5145 St Laurent Blvd in the Mile End district of Montreal

What makes your neighbourhood unique? 

Mile End began as a cheap place for artists and musicians to live.  I moved here in 1996 because my rent was $465 for a huge 2 bedroom (just to give you and idea) Then it started to flourish and a name was made. The Mile End was the place to make everything- art, music, clothing, small businesses started to open all over our little neighbourhood. In 2003 we started the first ''Made in Montreal'' boutique to help our sisters and brothers sell their goods. It then grew to include our second store General 54 in 2006 because we needed more space. I think in the early 2000's we were bubbling with artistic fervour. The vibe is still contained in this beautiful fun area.  

What’s the best ‘hidden gem’ in your area? 

Best Hidden GEM...I would have to say, there is not a lot that is still hidden here. Probably my favourite cake shop is Cocoa Locale on Parc ave. Best chocolate cupcakes and cakes in the whole world. (4807 Av du Parc, Montréal, QC H2V 4E7)

What are some great brands you carry? 

We proudly carry Birds of North America, Sunja link, Dagg & Stacey (for clothing) and for Jewelry, we have Kara Yoo, Moonlight for Violet, Cartouche Mtl, I Love Goldeen and of course Mary Young for intimates.  Gattina bathing suits, Hinkleville for the cutest housewares ever! And I have a line 'Jennifer Glasgow Design' that we sell as well as my in-house basics brand 'Lacroix' 

Who’s instagram should we all be following?

Birds of North America, I Love Goldeen and Jennifer Glasgow Design :)

Who is your dream customer?

Our dream customer is someone who knows who she is.  Has a great sense of personal style.  She knows she can walk into our store and find her precious seasonal outfit without any problem.  She is professional and artsy with a flare for making something stand out.  She also LOVES Canadian fashion!