Proudly Made in Canada

This Canada Day we're celebrating our nation by taking a little trip to Montreal to visit our lingerie production house! 

When I first toyed with the idea of launching my own clothing line I knew that I wanted to produce in Canada. As the years pass more and more production houses close and brands go off shore to produce their lines. I understand the appeal and benefits of producing off shore but at the end of the day, investing back into the Canadian economy and being more hands on with production trumps all the benefits of producing off-shore. After month of searching nationwide for a production house I was able to connect with one in Montreal. During our first visit I had a great feeling, the staff was extremely friendly and encouraging, not to mention it's extremely spacious and filled with natural light. 

Knowing the working conditions is extremely important to me. I want to be able to visit the production house and see the seamstresses and cutters working in a happy and healthy work environment. Producing in Canada also allows me to have more quality control. Being able to meet with my production manager and go over designs is extremely vital in order to produce high quality, long lasting garments. 

My goal for MARY YOUNG is to source and produce everything within Canada and invest into our growing economy every step of the way.