Canadian Babe ft. Aryanna, Torri & Justine

From left to right; Aryanna, Torri and Justine 

Today is the day! You can now shop our Canadian Babe exclusive collaboration with Peace Collective! To continue celebrating our new set, we've teamed up with Aryanna, Torri and Justine, three amazing women to show you how this set will take you throughout the summer. Whether you're lounging at home with your husband like Jodi and Jose or making breakfast with your bestie like Margaux and Tara, this set will go with you from home to your favourite festival without a thought.

We sat down with Aryanna, Torri and Justine to get to know them better and most importantly why they love Canada! 

What does the concept of chasing your passion mean to you?

A: Chasing my passion means accepting life's transience and going after what makes me feel alive.

T: Chasing my passions means taking risks, making sacrifices and following my intuition. It means that work never feels like work, and that everyday is another creative endeavour.

J: Chasing your passion. That is something very prevalent in my life now and has been for as long as I can remember. I think chasing a dream shows people's strength, patients and stamina. It's easy to give up if a certain "dream" is taking too long. But for me, the most inspiring people are the ones who, even without results yet, keep going.

What do you love about Canada?

A: What I love about Canada are usually what most associate the country with and that's diversity, opportunity and sense of community.

T: I love Canada because we get to experience four different seasons. I love crisp fall mornings, frosty winter nights, and hot summer adventures. I also love that our maple syrup is fresh af.

J: What I love most about Canada is it's inclusivity. Here we accept and celebrate everyone in all shapes and forms. It's beautiful how colorful we are.

Photography c/o Bianca Scarlato