Canadian Babe ft. Margaux & Tara

Meet Margaux, left and Tara, right. 

Meet Margaux, left and Tara, right. 

Fast friends is an understatement for Margaux and Tara who meet over Instagram just a few months ago. These two are the definition of babes; full of positive energy, determined, focused and just as beautiful inside as they are on the outside. I've met both of them separately at different events around the city and was completely enamoured with both of them. Meeting new people at social events can often feel like networking, but not with these two. Easy conversation, genuine interest and lots of laughs quickly transitioned us from acquaintances to new friends. 

To celebrate the launch of our collab with Peace Collective we sat down with Margaux and Tara to get to know them better. 

You two met through social media; how did your friendship progress from 'insta friends' to real life friends?

T: Margaux and I actually connected because of my boyfriend. Him and I were looking for people to collaborate with, so he had reached out to Margaux. We instantly clicked, so I'm not able to pin point a specific moment! When you know, you know! 

M: Tara and I have really similar personalities and we’re both bilingual (English and French), so it was hard for us not to become friends.

What are two things about each other you wouldn't know from following each other on social? 

T: Her room is not as clean as her Instagram leads one to believe! She's actually a very giving person. It's really easy to be fake on social media, but Margaux has proven herself to me on numerous occasions

M: Tara is actually an old granny who loves to stay in and watch Netflix, which is another reason that we became friends, since I’m the same. She’s also a really great listener. It’s easy for me to talk about happy or funny things with most of my friends, but when it comes to more serious topics, I don’t share with everyone. Tara is great at listening when I need to talk and can give me some perspective on the situation.

What is a normal hang out look like for you two?

T: Hanging in the park with my two dogs or going to local markets! Brunch is a big one too... We actually went to Maman one of the first times we hung out. We'll take pictures for an hour and then inevitably eat cold food. 

M: Yesss, we love to brunch!

Favourite place in Canada?

T: Woah, that's a hard one. I'm from Montreal, so there's an attachment to the European way of things and I also miss the architecture. I never really understood when people labeled Montreal as European, but now that I live in Toronto, I see what they meant. I love Toronto though, so much has happened in the year I've been here - amazing people and opportunities have come my way, so it's too hard to choose! 

M: Honestly, I haven’t travelled to many places in Canada, but every time I travel abroad, I’m so happy when I come home to Toronto. We have great food and so many different neighbourhoods, it’s hard to get bored of the city!

East or West coast?

T: East coast. 

M: East coast, but only because I haven’t ever been to the West coast. I really want to visit Vancouver some time soon though!

Why are you proud to be Canadian? 

T: The diversity. I love that I can meet people from all over the world with cool heritage stories and eat foods from different cultures! 

M: Canada is very diverse: from coast to coast, you can experience such different things. You can have a city experience, but also go hiking in mountains. The landscape is really vast, so it gives us the opportunity to see so many different things.

Photography c/o Bianca Scarlato