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Welcome to the MARY YOUNG journal, where the brand and person, Mary, come together.

Doors Open - The Hive

Doors Open - The Hive

Where are you located?

On Georgian Bay in Honey Harbour, Ontario. 

What are some great brands you carry? 

Woodlot, Izola, Tatine, Province Apothecary, Ora Clocks, Tuck Shop Trading, Bather 

What’s the best place to grab coffee in your neighbourhood?

Our shop! We have an espresso bar and food shop on the lovely waterfront. 

What about a drink?

The lcbo.. then to your dock. Not many places to grab a cute cocktail but the dock is always a great place to start. 

What song has been on repeat on the store playlist?

I Need a Forrest Fire by James Blake! 

Who is your dream customer?

Martha Stewart...


Canadian Babe ft. Margaux & Tara

Canadian Babe ft. Margaux & Tara

Canadian Babe ft. Jodi & Jose

Canadian Babe ft. Jodi & Jose