Meet Our Muse: Ruby

What inspires you?

This is gonna sound so corny, but, life inspires me. The beauty of the world we live in, all of the diverse people in it, and all of the endless possibilities. 

What are you most passionate about?

Ever since I was young I have been very into fashion, but it wasn't until I was around 18 that I realized that my true passion laid in menswear. There is nothing more I appreciate than a well dressed man, and whether they like to admit it or not, all of my ex boyfriends did receive some sort of style lesson from me. People often ask me if I would ever want to start my own menswear line, but for now I'm more interested in the styling and blogging aspects of it.

What does success mean to you?

Success is happiness. plain and simple.

What’s next on your bucket list?

I really want to move to LA within the next couple years. I first fell in love with LA when I was 13 years old and would go out there every year to visit my aunt. I'm the kind of person who gets very affected by the seasonal changes, and as much as I LOVE Toronto, the winters are just so awful for me. My end goal is to live in LA for 6 months during the winter and then Toronto for 6 months during the summer.

What song or artist is on repeat right now?

I CAN'T stop listening to 'Move Together ft. Majid Jordan' by Somewhere Else, but I am also having a serious Young Thug obsession right now.

Early riser or night owl? 

Hmm, thats a tough one - I don't think I'm really either. I rarely drink, so I'm never out late partying, but at the same time it is a struggle for me to pull myself out of bed anytime earlier than 9.

Guilty pleasure?

Chocolate or any kind of matcha dessert. All my friends will all tell you that I have a severe sugar addiction (I'm TRYING to cut down)! 

Who is the adorable fluffy cat? 

Sometimes it's hard to tell if she is a cat or just a big fat ball of fluff! Her name is Tigerlily, she is a rescue kitten who was found in the woods up in Thunder Bay all alone when she was just a kitten. My parents got her for me, and we have been inseparable for the past 15 years (yes I'm a crazy cat lady). She's pretty much the fat cat version of me, full of sass but really sweet once you get to know her!

Which of your physical attributes do you love the most?

I'd have to say my eyes, and then of course my booty (I am a fairly tiny girl, but I definitely got blessed with a booty)

Photography: Tyler Hayward

Bra: Contrast Bra

Underwear: Easy Fit Thong