Looking Back

It’s been just over a week into 2016 and I’ve spent some time looking back at the highs and lows of 2015. Overall it was mainly highs and I feel so blessed to have experienced so much last year. I often get caught up on the motions of life and work, so I’ve been trying to take more time each day to embrace the good and be thankful for all of it. I don’t love resolutions, as I find they often are looking at what we aren’t doing right rather than celebrating what we are doing right and setting goals to do more of what we love. I would rather look at the positive and note what I’ve done well and continue to grow as well as bettering myself in areas that need more attention and focus. Instead of resolutions I’m going to focus on 5 things I want out of this year. These are a combination of tangible things as well as outlooks and choices I want to focus on this year. Whether you’re a resolution person or not, taking a step back and looking at a new year as a new chapter is definitely a healthy and exciting thing!

  1. I want to continue to laugh. Last year my goal was to laugh more and that I definitely did. I want to continue to focus on joy and happiness, especially with my friends and family.
  2. Make more time for downtime and myself. I often get caught up with work, socializing, activities and all of the exciting things happening in the city I can often lose track of time for myself and to rest.
  3. Last year my goal was to travel and I have to say I didn’t really achieve that. I did experience new adventures in new places but it definitely wasn’t a focus of mine. This year I want to travel both for work and pleasure, explore new cities and meet new people.
  4. Another want for 2015 that I didn’t really achieve was playing more board games and doing puzzles. These are very simple things I love but rarely make time for. The last few months of 2015 I did spend more time playing games and I want to continue that. With places like Snakes & Lattes in Toronto I can easily make this happen and also go to indoor obstacle courses, like Pursuit, more.
  5. Give back more. In 2015 I was able to connect with ReThink Breast Cancer to donate to their cause and I want to do more of that in 2016. Working with other great organizations, writing letters to my sponsor kids regularly and donating extra items I have to those in need are things I want to focus on doing more.

I’m so excited for 2016 and all the new adventures ahead. I look back on 2015 on with such a warm feeling, all of the amazing people I’ve met and worked with, the new friendships I’ve grown and invested in and the fun I’ve had along the way. I want to thank everyone who has been a part of my life and has continued to push me to reach my goals – I honestly know I wouldn’t be where I am today without those close to me supporting me along the way.

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