Meet Our Muse Chloe

2015 has been filled with so many great things, one of these highs was meeting Chloe. Toronto proves to be such a small city time and time again, once Chloe and I got to chatting we realized there were so many ways we were connected and even more mutual friends we shared. I instantly had crush on Chloe, with her infectious, exuberant laugh, bright eyes filled with love and her overall radiating positive energy. Every time I see her I leave feeling on top of the world and full of laughter.

After asking her a few questions during the shoot, my love for her grew even more. The best advice she was given is definitely now some of the best advice I’ve ever heard! Get to know Chloe for yourself, trust me, you’ll have a major crush too.

1. What is creativity to you?

Creativity comes in so many forms but I think overall as long as you believe in it and are confident in yourself other people will see what you see.

2. What are you wearing when you feel most confident?  

I feel the most confident when I’m wearing a jacket, I usually buy about 5 or 6 new ones every fall/winter. I like how it’s always the thing that pulls my outfit together before I leave, that and shoes… but don’t get me started on those.

3. What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?  

Even if things are bad at the moment, they can always be worse. Take what you’ve learned and use those as building blocks to be the person you want to become.

4. Which of your physical attributes do you love most?

My smile, which usually turns into a loud laugh. I find it obnoxious sometimes, but I like how infectious it is and looking at people’s faces when I make them laugh or smile it makes me feel great.

5. What’s your favourite MARY YOUNG bra?

The T-strap Bra! I love how comfy it is and how it looks sporty but girly at the same time, which is why I love Mary because she gets me.