Meet Our Muse: Kourtney

What is the last goal you achieved or accomplished?

One of my last goals I achieved was launching a cosmetic brush line called Tutorial at the company I work at.

How did you accomplish it?

I accomplished this goal with the help of my co-workers and research through various market channels, trip to Asia and sourcing the market.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

In 5 to 10 years, I see myself in the same line of work, Brand Management. I see myself progressively growing into an Art Director position.

What is the most meaningful project you have been a part of?

The most meaningful project I have been a part of thus far has been mentoring students who would like to get into the same line of work. I’ve been a part of school projects, interview preps and monthly mentoring phone calls.

What is your next dream project?

Other than keeping up with developing kick ass products on the daily, I hope to develop a line that has not yet been developed or seen on the shelves of other competitors. 

Last book you read for pleasure?

Work has been my focus for the past several months so truthfully, the last book I read was the new launch of our product catalogue. However, on my summer to read list is a novel by Paula Hawkins, The Girl on The Train. 

What is a quote or motto you try and live by?

“Today is going to be a good day”. I always start my day with a fresh new outlook, every day is different and the trials and tribulations of each day is what keeps me going.

What do you feel most grateful for?

I am truly the most grateful for the opportunities I have been handed in my life. I am grateful for all my mentors I have had along the way.

What feeds your soul?

 Family, Friends, and good wine.

Which of your physical attributes do you love the most?

I would have to say my eyes, mainly because they remind me of my family, we all have been blessed with big blue eyes!