Monday Must: Leather Jackets

It’s September, which means fall is here. While I love the summer for the sun, the beach, and the long nights spent on the patio, I also really love fall. The best part of fall is the clothing, especially all the layers. In my opinion, the most necessary fall piece is a perfect leather jacket.

A leather jacket is what every quintessential ‘cool girl’ needs in her closet. It’s the perfect transition piece that can be thrown over just about any outfit to complete it. Whether worn over a midi dress with boots or oversized tee and ripped jeans, it finishes off every look just right. A quote I found on Instagram summarizes this perfectly, “I thought my life would suddenly improve if I got a leather jacket and I was totally 100% right.”

We’ve gathered a few of our favourite leather jackets that will be a perfect addition to your wardrobe this fall.

1, 2 (similar here), 3 (similar here), 4, 5 (similar here