On Our Playlist

This past month I’ve gotten to know some new artists and have fallen in love. Music is such a vital part of my day, whether it’s waking up to a radio alarm – I know, I’m probably the only one who does this – to running errands with earbuds in, I am constantly listening to music. Over the last few weeks I’ve revisited some of my favourite musicians and expanded my horizons to new ones. Here are some great acts you need to add to your Spotify playlist immediately!


This new duo out of Brooklyn, NY is popping up everywhere. With 80’s synth vibes and a jazz voice from Alexandra Stewart, Aces will sure peak your interest.

Leon Bridges

This southern singer is a perfect blend of gospel and soul, singing of love and a life to long for. His voice will take you away in an instant.


This indie rock band from Rochester, NY is picking up steam and reaching thousands of ears each day. Their sound is raw and honest, definitely something to play on a late Saturday afternoon.

Summer Heart

This Swedish artist is best known for his lo-fi sound and easy pop feel. Whether it’s an afternoon at work or a morning coffee run, this dreamy artist will keep you dancing along.

Roy Woods

One of the newest members of the OVO family, Roy is best known for his track Drama featuring Drake. This young artist is definitely one to watch as he climbs the charts.