Done by Dawn

As much as I’ve always considered myself to be an early bird the past month has challenged that idea. I’ve had the privilege to workout with Canada’s Nike Training Master Eva Redpath and Hawley from Sidewalk Hustle every Monday morning at 5:45am! That means I have to get up shortly after 5am, that’s right, before the sunrise! These NTC inspired workouts derived from the app – which you should download if you haven’t already – are a great 45min full body burn. Today marked the 5th of 6 workouts and we celebrated it with a curated playlist to get us going which you can find at Sidewalk Hustle.

I’m always up for a good challenge and I have to say this has been one of the best this year. I’ve never felt more excited and ready for the week on a Monday. Not to mention physically stronger and mentally more sharp. If you’re in Toronto definitely sign up for some of these amazing NTC live classes, there are also evening ones too!