Meet Our Muse: Kelsey

You’re the product photographer for Yield Design Co., what inspirations do you bring with you when you’re shooting? 

Living in Florida has played a big part in my photography. The abundance of flora, textures, and ‘old Florida’ architecture are big influences. Henri Matisse, Agnes Martin, Miro, and other midcentury artists are constant inspirations. Many friends are creating outstanding work that inspire me as well.

Does the female figure inspire some of your product shots?

I think so. My work is graphically driven—shapes, curves, line, texture. When photographing Yield’s products that especially comes into play.  

You take photos of others for a living but you also have an Instagram full of selfies; what’s the biggest difference being behind the lens vs. in front of the lens? 

Mostly vulnerability. It’s double the normal amount of putting myself out there because not only am I taking the picture, but it is of myself. It is just me and the way I want to be perceived. I think about how social media influences perceptions and has rounded lives. I think about facades a lot…how social media can illustrate a person’s best self. Anyway, I like both being in front of the camera and the photographer because I have even more control of the mood, composition and creativity.

What do you try to express in your selfies that is different from your work as a photographer?

Most of the work I do is product or lifestyle photography. My photographic style can shine through in images but not necessarily my personality. I like sharing my fashion sense, daily happenings, and personality through selfies. I am rather goofy and sarcastic, while the product shots I take are very clean and concise. I love R&B and hiphop so I always try to incorporate that into my selfie's caption.

After reading Refinery29’s Does your selfie addiction make you a feminist, do you find that it resonates with you? What are your thoughts on the selfie? 

Women are constantly being told how to act, how to dress, what to say, what to not say and so on. It’s a lot of pressure. The selfie is a way of showing who you are, what you’re into and what you want to be seen as. I do believe selfies are a form of confidence, being self aware and accepting. I think that you have to like who you are or what you look like if you’re constantly posting images of yourself. I don’t think the selfie is narcissistic…it’s a celebration of self from your own perspective. 

Do you find taking a selfie to be a form of self love?

I believe taking photos of myself or being photographed in general makes you accept your appearance. The more you are photographed the more you’re faced with yourself and in turn, accept and love what your momma gave ya. 

Do you have the same sense of pride in sharing a selfie as sharing other photos, whether it be for work or a creative shoot?

Yes, for sure. I am just as proud of my work as I am of myself. The images I produce for work and of myself are equal representations of me. 

Which of your physical attributes do you love the most? 

My hair. It’s go big or go home baby. It is usually one of the first things people ‘notice’ about me…or that I am 5’11. 

Kelsey wears the Contrast Bra in black and High Waist Thong in black

Photography: Kelsey