Meet Our Muse: Linda


Besides Tel Aviv, where was the last place you traveled? Favourite thing you did/saw there?

The last place I travelled pre-Tel Aviv was the much less far but equally magnetic Brooklyn, NY.  My favourite experience was going to a day block party which turned into a night dance party my last night in the city, followed by the best Korean midnight snack at this little hole-in-the-wall speakeasy, which I wouldn't have known about had it not been for my BK pal I was staying with. All this followed by a wake up call at 3AM for my flight home. Worth it.


What's your favourite skyline you've seen so far?

Of all the skylines I've seen, there is something magical about Toronto's - specifically at night, coming in from the east/DVP way. It feels like an 'Enter Tron' video game moment. Always surreal no matter how many times I see it.

What are your top 3 places to go in Toronto for a night out? 

When I go out now, I'm much more inclined to do so at a cozy bar in the city (that serves snacks and great music). I judge a place on what it reminds me of/how it makes me feel, so here are my top 3:

1. The Greater Good, because it reminds me of being in a dive bar somewhere in Colorado (one of my favourite places)

2. Bar Raval, for its sparkling rosé and ability to make you feel like you're not in Toronto

3. Tried and true Tequila Bookworm, it's sincere and unpretentious (and its playlists never disappoint)

Who inspires you? 

I don't think that there is a particular person who inspires me, but I am drawn to anyone who has the ability to creatively find beauty in the mundane. Slice of life photography is one example. 

What personality trait do you value most about yourself? 

I've always been told that I'm very adaptable, which is a trait that I'm happy to have. I look at entering any new situation as an adventure, and it usually serves me well!


What is the best compliment you've ever received?

That I had a way with words - which, as a former wannabe journalist, is just about the most flattering thing you can tell me!

Which of your physical attributes do you love the most?

My eyes - they're pretty large (thanks mom, thanks dad) and I think, by default, expressive.

Linda wears the Contrast Bra in White, Lux High Waist Brief in White, Logan Bra in Grey, High Waist Thong in Grey and the Backless Thong Bodysuit  in black. 

Photographer - Leeor Wilde